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Welcome to Aiello Designs Invention Development Company. Aiello Designs is an accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating. We have no similarities to the Invention Promotion companies responsible for bad press and countless law suits. Here you will find an honest and legitimate resource for Invention Development services.

Aiello Designs provides inventors with the services they need to prototype their inventions, license their inventions, or take their inventions into production, ready to sell. Our services include Patent Searches, US Patent Applications, Invention Design, 3D CAD Invention Engineering, building real, working Invention Prototypes, and Invention Manufacturing.

Aiello Designs develops products made from plastic, metal, rubber, foam and/or electronics. Product markets include electronic inventions, tool inventions, toy inventions, household inventions, sporting goods, automotive inventions, medical inventions and novelty products, to name a few.

Located in the beautiful town of Kennebunk, Maine, we utilize cutting-edge, 3D CAD technology and the latest prototyping processes to bring each new invention to life. We successfully work with clients all over the country. Founder Justin Aiello has 23 years of experience assisting inventors, startups and small businesses turn good ideas into profitable products.

Don't fall victim to one of the invention promotion companies, call for a free consultation or send us an email using the links on the contact page. We are available Monday-Friday between the hours of 9-5 EST at (207) 467-9145. Signed Confidentiality Agreements will be provided for each new inventor prior to discussing the details of their invention.

To learn more about developing a New Invention, read through the following guide.

Invention Development Guide
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